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LPT’s founder and President, Kevin Gandy, has established an extensive career with over 30 years experience in the convenience store industry. For the past 20 years, he has successfully operated thousands of stores in the retail management service sector across the U.S.for clients such as Shell Oil, BP, ExxonMobil, and GMAC.

The key element in the need for Retail Management Services and the value of our service is when the property owners (Client) are left with an abandoned convenience store due to a failing owner/operator, who no longer wants to operate the business. It is at this moment, when our clients find themselves in desperate need for our services, and when they are impressed with our ability to respond within hours of the call anywhere in the U.S. It’s been the regular industry practice for lending institutions or oil companies to allow the existing operator to continue operating the business until a solution has been decided. In most cases, this gives the store operator more time to pilfer through the business in an attempt to retrieve their losses. Our services is now something that can be used to protect and inforce any existing lease agreement/debt obligation held by the property owner and its clients.

LPT’s Retail Management Services has become an important “Plan B” option, which our clients have never had before. Now, when financial institutions or property owners fall into a failing store operator, they can count on LPT’s Retail Management Service to secure their million dollar asset until a solution has been planned out without duress.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Why consider LPT?

Transitions can easily go from profitable to costly when unexpected delays come into play, especially if you are not equipped with an operating infrastructure. Whether an oil company is in between dealers or a financial institution is flipping property, LPT Retail Management Services provides 360 degrees of interim management services. These services including operations, marketing, fuel management, survey analysis, accounting, payroll, and I.T., for one easy set fee.

Does LPT have the experience to manage our site(s)?

Yes, the LPT team has over 150 years combined experience in the industry, specializing in site management. From managing existing sites, re-opening closed locations, and/or opening new sites from the ground up, our references and recognition from past projects speak for themselves.

What is the typical lead time until LPT will be ready to take over the operation of my site(s)?

Lead time can vary, transitions can take from a 24 hour notice to a 30 day notice. LPT’s only time limitations are how long it takes to get the required licenses and permits.

Who is responsible for liabilities and problems associated with having employees, selling alcohol, and tobacco products, etc?

LPT Services employs all personnel needed to operate the site(s). In addition, LPT Services applies for and holds all permits and licenses associated with the site(s), thereby removing all responsibilities from the client.

Can you work with Receiverships, Foreclosures, or Bankruptcy sites?

Yes, LPT can and does work with any type of legal entity. LPT can also act as a Receiver taking care of all facets of court reports and communications.

Will you operate just one site?

Yes, LPT Services will operate and manage any amount of site(s), anywhere in the U.S., for any amount of time needed.